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For over six years, based in the heart of New York City, the MM Group has been advising, building and creating some of the most notable and recognizable brands - corporate and individual. At the MM Group we believe in the ever present and unchanging foundation of consumer connectivity - the story.

We shape, create, advise and execute strategy to expand market share whether through internal restructure or external campaign. As a result of the network age, marketing and advertising is changing as quickly as the technology used to consume them. No longer are consumers flipping through magazines or hearing ads on radios and TV to drive primary purchasing. The flow of information and connectivity has shifted to the palm of a consumer hand and with that so has the primary prompt to purchasing. 

Our methodology is comprehensive. Starting with a complete brand audit, we use data driven strategies to build a comprehensive audience architecture to amplify messaging. From product launches, to rebranding, to live event marketing and influencer management, we connect passionate brands to the passions of the people.